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Overnight stay in the Tairappyou-yamanoie, tour of Mt Sennokura

This time we enjoyed the summit sunrise with guests from Niigata Prefecture.

Brocken phenomenon at Mae-Sennokura! The chickered reflection on the flat peak, the rainbow-like rings around it and Mount Naeba in the background.

A mystical mountain view you can only see if you wake up early.

It was a joyful morning when we were able to see this wonderful view together with our guests, which brought tears to our eyes.

When we left the hut early in the morning with headlamps on, there were thick clouds in the direction of the Tanigawa mountain range, but as sunrise approached, the fog on the ridge gradually cleared and we were able to see the beautiful ridge line and sunrise.

At the mountain house, we had a delicious dinner and the evening party is also a luxurious time. By the light of the oil lamps, we sipped our drinks and listened to the hut owner's stories about the mountains.

Ah, the mountains are so nice. This time, too, it became a tour of Mount Heibei where you can really feel it.

The autumn leaves are beautiful in October in Mt.

In addition to safety management during the tours, the guided tours also include plant explanations and ecological talks. Tours are available at any time, so please feel free to ask about dates and other details.

*Sunrise at the summit of the mountain involves climbing at night, so a good climbing plan and preparation are necessary. The temperature drops rapidly in autumn. Please plan for safety by taking a guided tour.

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20230923-24 @Tairappyou @Sennokurayama

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