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The Hut

Chicka's Hut

The Hut   Welcome to the Chicka's Hut.  

This mountain Hut  is located at the foot of the Tanigawa mountain range. It is the base for Chicka's activities, serving as a tour departure and arrival point, a hangout and a space for botanical research.


The original barn was built about 80 years ago with plenty of old wood. It has been transformed into a relaxing and peaceful cabin by the hands of the chicca and craftsmen. For information on the adjacent chicca garden, go here.

Workshop & Event   Event information to be held

Chicka's Hut offers a series of irregular workshops and events on plants and nature, including a Wild Vegetable Tour & Wild Vegetable Eating Party and a guided tour of the mountains in June. 


UNIT Powder Board Exhibition and Test Ride Service.

We are holding an exhibition and test-ride service of the UNIT and SECCA powder boards, which Niigata Tsubame is proud of in the world.


Test Ride Board Lineup

UNIT >> Stroller 159, 155 / Stroller Split 162 / Rabbit 163, 153 / Tornado 160 / UN Split 160, 151 / Serow 152,148

SECCA >> Split Accentor 151, Locator 155 / Rise 152, 148 / Splendor 155

About    Chicka's Hut Information

​ Welcome to the Chicka's Hut.

It is used as a tour departure / arrival base, a hangout, and a plant research space. Please feel free to drop by. (Advance contact required)

Chicka Nakazato Hut

4901-3 Tsuchidaru, Yuzawa Town, Minami Uonuma District, Niigata Prefecture 949-6103

tel / fax 025-787-0070 (8: 00-20: 00) Absent when going to a mountain guide

If you are absent, please leave an answering machine.

officechicka ■ (convert ■ to @) Click here for email form

Access is about 5 minutes by taxi from Echigo Yuzawa, or 5 minutes on foot from Echigo-Nakazato Station on the Joetsu Line. If you use a fixed-route bus, get off at "Tsuchidaru Post Office" bound for Tsuchidaru, platform 3 at the east exit of Echigo Yuzawa Station, and walk for 1 minute. It is near Hotaru no Sato and Mizushoan. Equipped with 3 parking lots.

Renovation of the Barn


​​​ The renovation of the barn is filled with the traditional techniques of Japanese craftsmen. The good old things have been breathed new life. The design of the entire hut, painting, and floor sanding were done at Chikka.

Wall paint  FARROW & BALL (UK) Japan exclusive agency Color Works 

1F Wall Modern Emulsion 241SKIMMING WHITE / 1F Wooden Window Frame Exterior Egg Shell 255 TANNER'S BROWN 

1F Washroom Modern Emulsion 47 GREEN SMOKE / Kibe Base Sealer WoodKnot & ResinBlocking Pri  ​

1F / 2F Floor paint Natural paint Euro oil (Japan)

I chose a varnish type paint that is a natural paint and that coats the surface of the wood firmly .

Join us  Go to the mountains or relax in a mountain lodge.  

Chicka's mountain tours are tailored to everyone's individual wishes. The personalised service of a personal guide is a special feature of this service. Those who don't want to go to the mountains but want to relax in nature are also welcome. You can relax and unwind in our mountain lodge at the foot of the mountain. Please feel free to contact us.

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