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This is the reservation page for the Chikka Mountain Tour.     


summeris hikingIdo and mountaineering guides, winter snowshoe tours, backcountry tours, slope powder sessions, etc. Please feel free to contact us for mountain hut stay traversing guides and other areas. Requests for dates other than the following dates and venues/prior to applicationFor inquiries, please contactcontact pagePlease contact us.

To apply,Book online page →Select the appropriate page →Select the desired schedule →Enter mountaineering registration information →Send

the immediatekka tour schedule

*bacountry tour dates​ (Please inquire separately for weekday schedule)

・2/23 (holiday) test ride event and session for seedlings

・2.25 (Sat)Kagura BC Tour

3/4-5 (SatDay)Gomachika 1 night 2 days Yuzawa TsuAh

・3/10 (Fri.) Yuzawa BC Tour

3/11-12 (Saturday and Sunday)Chika & Nissy 1 Night 2 Days Shiga Kogen Tour

3/21 (holiday) Yuzawa BC TsuAh

・4/1 (Sat) Yuzawa BC Tour

・4/15-16 (Saturday and Sunday) 1 night 2 days evacuation hut night BCTours

・5/20-21 (Saturday and Sunday) Chika & Nissy 1 night 2 days Yuzawa BC & mountain vegetable tour

2/23-26 SBJonSnow Joint Test Ride Event will be held at Naeba Ski Resort. Chikka is scheduled to participate on 2/23. We are at the Unit.Secca booth, so come visit us!

*Snowshoe tour schedule(Please contact us for other dates.)when)
Akiba Snowshoe Tour​   

Hakkaisan Snowshoe Tour   2/24 (Fri) 2/26 (Sun) 

Mt. Mikunisnowshoe tour   

Winter Mountain Course & Mt. Mikuni Snowshoes   3/18 (Sat)

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