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Chicka Mountain Tour

About YAMA Tour

Welcome to Chicka.

tel .. 025-787-0070 (8: 00-20: 00)

At Office Chicka, official guides from the Japan Mountain Guide Association offer hiking guides and mountaineering guides in the summer, and snowshoe tours, backcountry tours, and snowboard lessons in the winter.

Guide areas include Tanigawa Mountain Range / Mt. Naeba / Mt. Makihata / Mt. Echigo Komagatake / Mt. Shibutsu / Mt. Nikko-Shirane / Mt. Please feel free to contact us for a vertical guide for staying at a mountain lodge and other areas. A guide who likes mountains and snow will guide you through the mountains in each season.​​

Please feel free to contact us regarding your desired dates and venues. Click here for inquiries

Summer Mountain Tour Information (May-October Green Season)

From the thaw season to the end of October, we have a guided tour of Natsuyama. We are touring in three major categories depending on the mountain travel time and mountain area. We will propose a tour route that meets your needs, such as your desired schedule and purpose of mountain trips. Please feel free to contact us for tour details. Contact Us


Recommended guide! Leisurely trekking in the forest 1 day tour

[May-November] Yagisawa Trekking / Mt. Mikuni / Mt. Yahiko Kakuta / Mt. Tanigawa, etc.A little high mountain... I don't have confidence in my physical strength. It is a tour that everyone can participate with peace of mind.

DSC_3371 2.JPG

Leisurely trekking in the forest

half day tour

[Jun.Nov.]-Walk through beech forests and valleys with almost no ups and downs. Let's go out to the forest with a delicious lunch box!


Day climbing guide

[May-November] Tanigawa mountain range / Mt. Heijo / Mt. Mikuni / Mt. Asakusa / Mt. Morimon etc.

It is a tour aiming for mountain peak hunting. We will plan according to your physical strength and wishes. We will guide you to seasonal points according to the flowering time of plants and the autumn leaves time.


Japan's 100 Famous Mountain Climbing Guide

[June to November] Mt. Naeba / Mt. Tanigawa / Mt. Makiki / Mt. Shibutsu / Mt. Myoko / Northern Alps, Southern Alps, etc.

We will guide you through Japan's 100 famous mountains, which are beautiful in every season. We will plan according to the course and your requests. Day trips, 1 night 2 days lodging, and traversing guides are also available. 

アンカー 1
Snowshoe Tour / Backcountry Tour Information (Winter Season January-May)

Let's go out in the snow-covered white forest in winter! We will guide you through the tour route according to your desired schedule and request. We have all the necessary equipment for a snowshoe tour (snowshoe stock avalanche gear set).


Guide recommended snowshoe 1 day tour

[January-April] This is a guide-recommended snowshoe tour where you can spend a relaxing day in the forest!  

Mt. Hakkai / Mt. Mikuni / Mt. Hirabi / Mt. Tanigawa, etc.





Backcountry full day tour

[January-May] Wearing splitboards and snowshoes, we will leisurely climb the snow-covered mountains. Kagura/Myoko/Nozawa Onsen etc. 


Powder slope session

[January-May] Chikka, a mountaineering guide and professional snowboarder who loves powder and lives in Yuzawa, will show you the secret points according to the conditions of the day!

アンカー 2
Snowshoe tours are now available in some of the world's heaviest snowfall areas!
Local guides will guide you to the best route according to the conditions of the day and your schedule.

Tour Dates
Anytime (please contact us if you cannot find the date on the calendar)

Tour Location
Echigo-Yuzawa forest / Mt. Akiba / Mt. Tairappyo / Mt. Mikuni / Naeba boardwalk / Mt. Hakkai, etc.

Please contact us for the scheduled route for your desired date. We will update the information on the calendar as soon as it is confirmed.

Meet at Echigo Yuzawa Station at 8:30 a.m. (Meeting time can be changed. (Meeting time can be changed, please inquire before making a reservation. Or we can pick you up at your lodgings near the station or meet you there.

Tour Fee  for English-speaking 
Up to 4 persons @66000
From 5 persons, per person plus @16,500

Tour Insurance
You can purchase tour insurance from Office Chicka for ¥500 per person. If you have your own mountain insurance, travel insurance, etc., you do not need to purchase it.

Sompo Japan Domestic Travel Accident Insurance (5 million yen for death and subsequent injury, 5,000 yen per day for hospitalization, 3,000 yen per day for hospital visits, 50 million yen for liability, and 100,000 yen for rescue expenses)

About Lunch
For tours in the Yuzawa area, you can reserve a special lunch at a local restaurant. You can enjoy a delicious lunch on the mountain.
@ 900 yen / 1 box

What to bring
Clothing Please come dressed for snow activities.
Necessary: Snow wear/snow boots/knit hat/gloves/drink/sunglasses etc.

Rental gear fee
@2,000 / 1set
Snowshoes, poles, snow wear, avalanche gear (beacon, sonde, shovel) 

Please choose your preferred date from the calendar to register. If you do not see your preferred date, please contact us from the Contact Us page.

Contact us
Phone: 025-787-0070 (8:00-20:00) Contact: Iida
Our office is not available during tours, so please contact us by using the contact form on the website to ensure a quick response. If you leave an answering machine message, we will call you back.
Lunch box information


Chicka's one-day mountain tour is a tour with a special lunch in both summer and winter. (It may not be available for last-minute reservations or early morning departures.) We will have a special lunch under the best location on the mountain and the wide sky.

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