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tel .. 025-787-0070 (8: 00-20: 00)

At Office Chicka, official guides from the Japan Mountain Guide Association offer hiking guides and mountaineering guides in the summer, and snowshoe tours, backcountry tours, and snowboard lessons in the winter.

Guide areas include Tanigawa Mountain Range / Mt. Naeba / Mt. Makihata / Mt. Echigo Komagatake / Mt. Shibutsu / Mt. Nikko-Shirane / Mt. Please feel free to contact us for a vertical guide for staying at a mountain lodge and other areas. A guide who likes mountains and snow will guide you through the mountains in each season.

We also provide shooting coordination and site guides in forest and mountain areas. If you have any questions about shooting, please use the link below.


Please feel free to contact us regarding your desired dates and venues. Click here for inquiries


Summer Mountain Tour Information (May-October Green Season)

From the thaw season to the end of October, we have a guided tour of Natsuyama. We are touring in three major categories depending on the mountain travel time and mountain area. We will propose a tour route that meets your needs, such as your desired schedule and purpose of mountain trips. Please feel free to contact us for tour details. Contact Us

If you apply for a group of 5 or more people, the group fee will be applied, so we will inform you separately.



【5-11月】八木沢トレッキング/三国山/弥彦山角田山/谷川岳山麓等 高い山はちょっと・・。体力に自信がない。という皆さんも安心してご参加いただけるツアーです。


DSC_3371 2.JPG







【5-11月】谷川連峰/平標山 /三国山/浅草岳/守門岳等





四季折々美しい日本百名山をご案内いたします。コースやご要望に合わせてプランニング致します。日帰り・1泊2日小屋泊・縦走ガイドもお承り可能です。¥11,000 /1day

Snowshoe Tour / Backcountry Tour Information (Winter Season January-May)

Let's go out in the snow-covered white forest in winter! We will guide you through the tour route according to your desired schedule and request. We have all the necessary equipment for a snowshoe tour (snowshoe stock avalanche gear set).

If you apply for a group of 5 or more people, the group fee will be applied, so we will inform you separately.







初級スノーシューハイク (半日2h お茶お菓子付) 



¥7,700 (税/ガイド料/レンタル含)



【1月-5月】スプリットボード、スノーシューを履いてのんびりと雪の積もった山を登っていきます。かぐら/ 妙高/野沢温泉 等 






Lunch box information


Chicka's one-day mountain tour is a tour with a special lunch in both summer and winter. (It may not be available for last-minute reservations or early morning departures.) We will have a special lunch under the best location on the mountain and the wide sky.


We will provide you with a freshly made lunch on the morning of the tour. Cafe gaiA (Mitsumata, Yuzawa Town) / Herb Juta (Muikamachi, Minami Uonuma City) / Matsuendon (Muikamachi, Minami Uonuma City)

Tools that can be rented

Snowshoes / Stock / Avalanche Gear 3 points (Beacon Sonde Scoop) / Snowwear

The number of each is limited, so if you have your own tools, please bring them with you.

If you need to rent, please let us know the necessary gear when you apply for the tour. Rental fee is free.

As for clothing, we offer free try-on rental of winter clothing HID. Please take this opportunity to try comfortable outdoor clothing.

For the Chikka Winter Mountain Tour, you will be carrying 3 avalanche gears (Beacon Sonde Scoop). Beacon uses the latest model Mammut Barryvox . (Some other models are available) Avalanche beacons are electronic devices that allow you to search for or have your friends searched for when an avalanche occurs.

☆ We started split board tour rental.

We have started split board rental only for customers who participated in the Chikka Tour. You can actually use the split board in the mountains. One set @ 5,000 including the seal tour binding set. The first use is information at Kagura BC. It can also be used for the second and subsequent full hike tours.  


Split board maker unit.mfg (UNIT UN 160/151  SECCA accenter / Locater)

We are exhibiting UNIT / SECCA boards at Chikka's hut. Please feel free to drop by if you would like to see it.